The Big, Bad List Lawsuits Against Facebook

This year hasn’t done any good to Facebook. After dealing with sustained backlash from the Cambridge Analytica scandal, Zuckerberg and Co. have doubled efforts to reassure the masses that change is on the way. But if public opinion was any indication then according to a poll by Survey Monkey and Recode Facebook is the least-trusted major tech company.

What seems clear is that the list of lawsuits against Facebook will only keep growing in 2018. There is no doubt that Facebook will lose autonomy in the wake of the privacy scandals and the wide-array of reforms.

Washing State Lawsuits against Facebook

The state of Washington has filed lawsuits against Google and Facebook over how they failed to keep records of who purchased political ads from them. The state law requires companies that sell political advertising to track who buys ads and make that information available for public inspection.

Seattle has similar laws in place but the city hasn’t joined onto the state’s lawsuit.